Create and share at the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire 2015!

Due to its succes, the Eindhoven Mini Maker faire will take place again on August 29 and 30 at the former Van der Meulen-Ansems premises, Vestdijk 27, Eindhoven.

The Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire is a unique concept which is organized all around the world and attracts thousands of visitors. A large group of tech enthusiasts, artists, hobbyists, students, professionals and many more are showing what they create, and share what they learn. Maker Faire aims at people with a passion for experimenting, prototyping, creating and sharing new products, processes and ideas and is by and for people of all ages and interests!

In 2014, on March 29 and 30, the first Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire took place at the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S .Over a thousand visitors took part in workshops, demonstrations and learned how to braze, make 3D prints, build or control robots, making light art and much more!

To get an impression, please watch the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire Trailer:

We challenge all people, young and old, to make, think, craft, build or invent something special to take part and present their creations to the world!

Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire 2015 will be organised by MAD emergent art center and Eindhoven365.

More information about the event will be posted soon!

Pictures, videos, blogs and publications

Gradually a lot of pictures, videos, blogs and publicationsare put online!

EHVMMF2014 Eindhoven Maker Faire 2014 from MADlabNL on Vimeo.

Oculus Boy

Check here to see the collection of media, that will keep growing still!

Video Team

In the mean time, our Video Team works hard making a special documentary from all the beautiful recordings! The results will be communicated to you…

Makezine blog post on EHVMMF

The web channel of Maker Faire: Makezine has published a blog on Eindhoven Maker Faire.


A Splendid Day in Eindhoven

Excellent first Edition Eindhoven Maker Faire!

The first edition of Eindhoven Maker Faire during the weekend of March 29 & 30, 2014 is a great succes, and this feels fantastic!
All Makers and Visitors: thank you and till next edition of 2015!

About 50 Makers of different background, with their presentations, demonstrations and workshops provided for two very special days for visitors and other Makers! The highly accessible and open character of Eindhoven Maker Faire resulted in a very relaxed and inspiring atmosphere in Het Klokgebouw.


Reacties can be found in Tweets (#EHVMMF), Facebook postings, videos and pictures. Links to all media here.


Welcome to the Eindhoven Maker Faire!

makerfaire_flyerBThis show of creative, passionate and talented Makers will have you flabbergasted . . .

Smart electronics, robots, plasma cutting, 3D printing, soundart, imagemanipulation, lightart, and many more!

On top of that workshops and performances!
Come discover for yourself about this amazing collection of creative makers, and what they will show and share with you!

The Eindhoven Maker Faire is open from 11AM till 18 hours!

(Nederlands) Oculus Rift en andere highlights

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(Nederlands) Demonstraties van stoere, makende vrouwen

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Wild Cards available for Creative Makers!

wildcardFor Creative Makers wanting to join the Eindhoven Maker Faire we are offering Wild Cards! This means you can register free and last minute to be part of this World Party!
Become one of the participants of this vibrant faire of creative producers and DIY enthousiasts.
Be part of this! Register via: Participate

Welcome to Eindhoven Maker Faire


The Eindhoven Maker Faire is THE event for creative Makers: : a full weekend inventors, builders, hackers and nerds show us what magic the can Make (together).

Are you a creative Maker yourself? Then answer the Call to Makers and join us so you won’t miss this event!

Are you interested in Making in the broadest sense of the word? Then we invite you to visit the Eindhoven Maker Faire on March 29 & 30.

The word is out: Call to Makers


Apply now by filling out this form! Participation for Makers is free.


Everyone is a ‘maker’ and has the ability to produce or create something himself, to come up with new ideas and realize them. ‘Makers’ devise clever things to make life easier. They do so either by themselves or with the help of others. Regardless if it is about producing LED dragonflies out of connectors, designing and producing individual buttons, playing with Lego or copying their faces in 3-D, it can all be done. A ‘maker’ is someone who makes something, it may be sensible or absurd, but it will always be something creative!

Where: Klokgebouw Eindhoven

When: March 29th and 30th

What: Show what you are making, share what you are learning, meet other makers and celebrate the Maker Movement!