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Eindhoven Maker Faire: Festival for Makers!

De Maker Faire is a festival/market/fair for and by everybody interested in 3D printing, robots, drones, music, animation, video, interactive art, elektronics, social media, Do It Yourself, urban farming, virtual reality and much more …

EHVMMF 16 stickerAre You a Maker?

Then the Maker Faire is for you!

We challenge all people, young and old, making, crafting, building or inventing something special to take part and present their creations to the world!

Eindhoven Maker Faire is the perfect place for you to present your work, project, thing to the public and fellow Makers! Register now if you are a maker, creator, builder, developer of new and exiting things!

Here you find information and registration form to join as a Maker


Eindhoven Maker Faire 2016


We are proud and excited to announce the 3rd Eindhoven Maker Faire, happening 10 and 11 September in VDMA.

Save the date for an amazing weekend full of creative makers, inventors, artists, engineers, software developers, game makers, designers, architects, hobbyists, crafters, robots and more…

We are preparing for an inspiring and playful event, where makers share and teach and inspire a broad public.

Do you want to participate as a Maker? More information and registration here.

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Eindhoven Maker Faire 2015: Melting Pot of Shared Passion!

IMG_1648The weekend of 29 and 30 August was a fantastic celebration for creative and passionate Makers.

Both makers and visitors enjoyed themselves for hours, kids could not stop playing and tinkering with the many creative tech activities.

Nearly 2,000 visitors went to the Eindhoven Maker Faire at the VDMA complex, despite the extreme hot weather; in the large hall with a glass roof rising temperatures to tropical heights.

The more than 80 Maker presentations and activities gave a pretty diverse picture of what is possible in the field of 3D printing, recycling, food technology, playful software, media, electronics, robotics, biosensors, art, drones, fabbing, tinkering and much more.

TJT mmf 15Popular Maker presentations included: The performances of the robot InMoov with its inventor Gaël Langevin, who presented in a voice-controlled robot dialogue its many gestures and actions; The spectacular Ontdekfabriek Chain Reaction; Marble Runs; Spell your Future and the SF drawing workshop; Lennie van Vugt metal art; Samantha van Garderen maker design; FabLab013; ProBotiX

It was a really great festival, with a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere where knowledge sharing and presentation of creations has induced many new contacts and inspirations. We are wondering how many visitors have turned into new creators-to-be!

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