Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire 2015: Festival for Makers!

Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire is happening August 29 and 30!
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A taste of the Maker Faire Makers

Two super cool international Makers that will have their acte de présence on the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire:

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InMoov is a 3D printed Open Source Robot project. What makes InMoov special is the Open Source-principle: every design and model of the InMoov robot can be used to print parts of this Robot, anywhere on the planet!

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There will be live performances by Team DARE robot band, a small team of enthusiastic engineers that have set up a robot band. This band plays all your favorite hits on unique Robots! Are you curious? Here is more!

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Impact Jam 1.1

On  Saturday July 11th  there will be a new edition  of the Impact Jam event, as a preview and introduction   to the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire. The event  will take  place   at  the Wal 28  in Eindhoven and  this  edition we  will  be focusing on new  technology and education by providing   a total of 7 workshops. Continue reading