Eindhoven Maker Faire 2015: Melting Pot of Shared Passion!

IMG_1648The weekend of 29 and 30 August was a fantastic celebration for creative and passionate Makers.

Both makers and visitors enjoyed themselves for hours, kids could not stop playing and tinkering with the many creative tech activities.

Nearly 2,000 visitors went to the Eindhoven Maker Faire at the VDMA complex, despite the extreme hot weather; in the large hall with a glass roof rising temperatures to tropical heights.

The more than 80 Maker presentations and activities gave a pretty diverse picture of what is possible in the field of 3D printing, recycling, food technology, playful software, media, electronics, robotics, biosensors, art, drones, fabbing, tinkering and much more.

TJT mmf 15Popular Maker presentations included: The performances of the robot InMoov with its inventor Gaël Langevin, who presented in a voice-controlled robot dialogue its many gestures and actions; The spectacular Ontdekfabriek Chain Reaction; Marble Runs; Spell your Future and the SF drawing workshop; Lennie van Vugt metal art; Samantha van Garderen maker design; FabLab013; ProBotiX

It was a really great festival, with a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere where knowledge sharing and presentation of creations has induced many new contacts and inspirations. We are wondering how many visitors have turned into new creators-to-be!

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Meet and Greet The New Makers

Come to the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire and experience, discover and enjoy creative technology, durable innovations and artistic creations.

The Maker Faire is a day full of family friendly things to enjoy. From the beginning to the end you can enjoy demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, tasting, experiences. Be inspired by art, handicraft, engineering, science and technology from the Makers from Eindhoven and far beyond.

Presentations – Demonstrations – Workshops
A dynamic group of over 80 makers will showcase their interactive arts and amaze you again and again.
Both young and old can participate in the challenging demonstrations and workshops.
Amongst new presentations there are: 3D-Foamcutter, building a synthesizer, learning how to program with marbles, an open source robot and DATA-Glove (A glove which is used to control a game with your own hands). Continue reading

Are you ready?

The entire week people are already painting, bolting and drilling. The halls are being cleaned, cables are placed and furniture is being moved. Saturday at 11 AM it’s finally happening. The Makers however are already starting the preparations Friday to bring you a experience you will remember.

To be as clear as possible we have listed the most important information below once more. Continue reading


Lokation VDMA ready for first techno-creative event

The weekend of 29 and 30 August 2015 The doors of  V D M A  in the very centre of Eindhoven are open for general public to present Eindhoven Maker Faire.

5-2It used to be a car garage showroom and workshop for Ford automobiles.

Now it is a new location where creative technology becomes visible, tangible and accessible again.

Spectacular Industrial Spaces resurrecting and showing their beauty!

Maker Faire weekend Continue reading

A taste of the Maker Faire Makers

Two super cool international Makers that will have their acte de présence on the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire:

 wordt weergegeven
InMoov is a 3D printed Open Source Robot project. What makes InMoov special is the Open Source-principle: every design and model of the InMoov robot can be used to print parts of this Robot, anywhere on the planet!

 wordt weergegeven
There will be live performances by Team DARE robot band, a small team of enthusiastic engineers that have set up a robot band. This band plays all your favorite hits on unique Robots! Are you curious? Here is more!

Continue reading

Ga mee naar de World Maker Faire in New York!

World Maker Faire New York 2015



MAD emergent art center and the Nederlands Instituut voor Studiereizen(NIS) organise a visit to the World Maker Faire in New York!  This is one of the biggest Make-,tinker- and do-events in the world, and you can be part of it!

We leave Friday 25th and arrive in New York later that day. The return flight leaves Sunday 27th, and is due back in the Netherlands the 28th of September : the trip will be short, efficient and effective.

There’s also the  possibility to go to New York individually and extend your stay in New York. More information on the website of the Nederlands Instituut voor Studiereizen and the  Maker Faire NY.

Impact Jam 1.1

On  Saturday July 11th  there will be a new edition  of the Impact Jam event, as a preview and introduction   to the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire. The event  will take  place   at  the Wal 28  in Eindhoven and  this  edition we  will  be focusing on new  technology and education by providing   a total of 7 workshops. Continue reading

Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire 2015: Festival for Makers!

Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire is happening August 29 and 30!
Register now if you are a maker, creator, builder, developer of new and exiting things! Continue reading