The city of the future is a Maker City!

The Eindhoven Maker Faire Hackathon is the 2017 tantalising challenge to circumvent, target, invent and build solutions for our society of tomorrow.
Prove your ideas right or wrong during this 30-hour super cool gathering of smart, creative and open minded people.

  • What IOT solutions do you propose?
  • What are smart solutions for society?
  • How can people participate more?

Registration is free and includes food, drinks, B&B, coaching, facilities, jury comments, follow-up support. Register now: https://ehvmakerfairehackathon.eventbrite.nl

Date and Time
Saturday, September 2, 11:00 AM – Sunday, September 3, 5:00 PM
Program to be announced

Klokgebouw – Eindhoven Maker Faire – Hack Room
Klokgebouw 50, Eindhoven

To secure your exclusive and free ticket you have to pay a deposit of € 20,-.
This is fully refunded directly after you participated in the hackathon. All direct payment costs are covered by us. If you do not participate the deposit is not refunded (consideration applies).

Prizes are in total Euro 1500 to reward you and motivate for ground-breaking results, both in money prizes and exclusive products.
First Prize Euro 750 – Second Prize Euro 500 – Third Prize Euro 250

Free registration at Eventbrite, pay the deposit, and enjoy this weekend of creating the future! Participation includes access to the Maker Faire, en let you talk, collaborate and eat with all makers.
Register now: https://ehvmakerfairehackathon.eventbrite.nl

More information about Eindhoven Maker Faire HERE.

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